What Exactly is the Value of a Facebook Like?

Business owners seem to always want more. More followers, more likes, more email subscribes, more numbers. The rationale is that the more people you have the more money you’ll make. I’m certainly of the same mindset as I start and write blog posts and speak to businesses about using the internet to grow their business. I want to share my message with as many people too. It’s just natural to have bigger followings, larger lists, and bigger venues. But I recently had someone ask, “Jonathan, what’s the value of a Facebook Like?”

value of a facebook like

The question is a valid one. Marketers have to prove conversion rates and return on investment when it comes to a variety of metrics like audience size. Many business owners think that the number of likes or follows indicate that they should be able to sell more, do more, and get more product to people. In this post I’ll share with you some research and my own thoughts.

Why I’m Switching to CoSchedule

Building my business is really hard work. One of my biggest pain points for me is writing great content on this blog and promoting that content to my audience, social media subscribers, and my email list. For me, I’ve been using Evernote in a process to create and publish blog post articles, but I still have problems promoting the posts on social media. So, I am adding CoSchedule to my workflow for content creation and marketing.

image of the homepage for CoSchedule

For me, the reasons are clear. I needed a way to integrate my process in Evernote with my blog built on WordPress. Further, I needed to add features like ReQueue so that older posts and those with more evergreen flavor could be added and promoted without my direct involvement.

What else did I find helpful? Read on for my review of CoSchedule.